My name is Zach. I’m 24 years old and I live in College Station, TX. I’ve been diabetic for almost 10 years now. Between those years I battled a drug problem and went to jail, not to mention many other difficulties. I knew that I had to put my life together or I would spend my life in prison or die. I’ve faced many hardships in my 24 years of life, but I have pushed through and persevered to become the man I am today. I am now completely sober, have a steady job, and a 1 year old daughter who is the light of my life. I’ve recently become involved in bodybuilding and it has allowed me to use my passion in a very positive and productive way. My diet has improved as well as my blood sugars and I’m in the best shape of my life and feel great. I can truly say my life has done a 360 degree turn and I am so blessed to be where I am today.
How do you inspire others?
I always try to encourage others to be the best they can be. So many people don’t realize what they’re capable of. I honestly wish I was a more well known individual specifically for the reason of reaching out and inspiring people.

Tell us a story about how diabetes has affected you.
Diabetes has been a struggle, a drive, and a blessing. The disease is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to overcome, but because of that I gained the strength I needed to take on anything life throws at me. The responsibility that came with the disease I also believed saved my life.

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 regular sized ducks?
One giant duck! 100 ducks just wouldn’t be challenging enough, but one giant duck would be QUACK-tastic!

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