What Brings Me Down?

Well this is a very hard question to answer. We all go through our good and bad times living with diabetes. Sure I get bummed out here and there but to think of being “brought down” makes me think of being defeated. And lets face it…


So, I will answer the following question that’s given as an examples for the topic.

“What things can make dealing with diabetes an emotional issue for you and / or your loved one, and how do you cope? “

So, the question asks what things make dealing with diabetes an emotional issue for me. Well for starters I don’t like the thought of complications from diabetes later in life. Dying is one of my biggest fears. Do you know how I don’t let that break me? I use it as fuel to help manage my diabetes BETTER. I don’t want complications or to die…So I keep a really tight lock on carb counts and my blood sugars. Don’t get me wrong I have my binge days like the rest of us but I’m not pounding a big mac and fries with a side of entire cake. That’s enough to do damage to anyones body. So, I keep my head up about it and take it day by day! I feel that kind of fear drives me to be a better, healthier person. I hope that’s a good answer to that question. The only time I can remember crying because of diabetes was the first day I was diagnosed and lets face it…I’m way past that.

BUT I have had emotional issues from being a camp counselor though. I often wonder where some of the kids that were in my cabin ended up and if they’re doing ok. I’ve treated an 11 year old who was having a seizure and that made me sad then immediately angry. It bothers me that a child has to deal with that kind of crap. Being a counselor is way worth it though. I encourage anyone that hasn’t been to a diabetes camp to find one closest to them and get involved somehow. I’m not a counselor anymore but I do a lot of media work for the camp I volunteer at here in Alabama. Check them out!!!¬†www.campsealeharris.org

THAT’S PERTY MUCH IT! Lets move onto happier things!

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