We’re back! This weeks featured diabetic is Taylor Olszewski.

Taylor Olszewski

Hey! I’m Taylor Olszewski and I’m a 14 year old with Type One Diabetes.

I was diagnosed December 1, 2004 after my preschool teacher noticed that I was drinking and going to the bathroom far more often than the other kids in my class were. That day my mother took me to the doctors, where I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.

Apparently leading up to that day, I would go run around my neighborhood with my aunt who lived a few blocks away. The day before, we had hardly walked down the street before I was doubled over saying, “I should have brought a water bottle!”

From then on, obviously my life has changed. I matured quicker than other kids my age, and I’ve also had to be more cautious; I can’t graze at parties and I have to wake up constantly during the night for sugar checks. Of course, I’ve grown to handle it well. I started the Animas One Touch Pump in 2009, and I’m getting a DexCom within the next few months! I’ve been able to perfectly continue doing the things I love – dance, marching band, softball, and bowling – without failing to miss any due to diabetes related problems! I like to (somewhat) jokingly say, “Anything you can do I can do better… As a dia-bad-ass!”

I love educating people on Type One Diabetes; my aunt (who is a college professor) would take me in with her to teach her students, hoping to become teachers. I was as young as five, and they would come up to me after class and would compliment and thank me for coming in! I’ve started an Instagram account to continue the education (@DiabeticTaylor) and I hope to help other new diabetics!

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  1. Joan says:

    Way to go Taylor!

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