Hey, my name is Veronique, I’m 25, studying communication science in Germany and I love all kinds of sports! I am a T1 diabetic even though nobody else in my whole family has diabetes. I was sick for about one year before the doctor realized that I have diabetes after I lost 12kg in the last two weeks… After the first shock, I changed my whole life: I am now doing loads of sports with my friends. I love running, swimming and working out in the gym! Since I’ve got my pump I feel totally free to do what ever I want to do and nothing can stop me!

What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about your diabetes, and how did you respond?
“I wouldn’t like to have a pump. It would distract me too much! I would play video games on in the whole day… What about you?”

…I laughed a lot when another twenty year old diabetic in the hospital asked me this! 😀

How do you inspire others?
A lot of people tell me that they find it good that I am always open to tell them about T1 diabetes and how it affects me. One of my friends said lately: “if you talk about diabetes, it sounds not like an illness but more like a part of your life. Nothing bad… Only a little special.” I think it describes very good how I think about it.

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