The Faces of Diabetes NEEDS your help!

Alright ladies and gentleman. I NEED YOUR HELP!!! 

To help with getting 501c3 status we NEED letters of support!!!

ANYONE can write a letter of support regardless if you have diabetes or not!

Basically, it just needs to be a letter addressed to the faces of diabetes saying one or more of the following.

-How FoD has helped you.
-How it has educated you.
-General thank you letters.
-General letters of support.
-IF you are diabetic you can talk about why this project is needed.

For parents of diabetic kids! If you can help your child write a letter that’s even better!

Please be sure to include your name, state, city, if you or a loved one has diabetes such as brother, son, cousin etc, and any additional info you think would be useful.

AGAIN I REPEAT ANYONE CAN DO THIS! I’m hoping for more than 200 letters and so far I’ve got 7…I know more are coming but I need as many as possible! 

For convenience please email these letters to

PLEASE help push us forward into out final step of making this a full out organization. Share it, repost it, etc…501c3 is our last step and then the fun begins!


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