My name is Teryn, I’m 19 years old and I was diagnosed with T1D in August of 2014 after weeks of increasing urination. I didn’t eat a lot because I was so thirsty and filled myself up drinking water, juice, and Gatorade. I went to a urologist, thinking it was a UTI, but after receiving my results the doctor ordered blood work and recommended that I see my primary care immediately. Then 2 days later, They told me I had type 2 and they would start me on a pill. Little did they know how severe it already was. When I went to the pharmacy that evening to pick up my new BG meter and medication, we tested my sugar( which was over 600) and the pharmacist ordered me to go to ER ASAP! From there I was admitted into the hospital for several days as they got me started on a fast-acting and long-lasting insulin and RE-diagnosed me with type 1 diabetes. Directly after my diagnosis, I was doing extremely well with carb counting and bolusing. I even got a pump! As the months went by I became irritable and neglected the fact that my body needed insulin and in May 2015 I was admitted into the hospital for DKA. Now I’ve just hit the 1 year anniversary and I’m proud to say, I’ve came a long way! My mom introduced me to ‘the faces of diabetes’ website and for quite some time I’ve been debating sharing my story but after reading so many stories I realized that I’m not alone in this fight and there’s so many more people out there just like me! I still have some bad days where I think “I don’t have diabetes today! I SHALL EAT CAKE!” but I just log online where I know I can chat with someone who has overcome these feelings! “Diabetes, Don’tBEATus!”

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