Sweet Pee

Kendra Durdock


By now you are probably wondering why I chose the name SWEET PEE.  I was tent camping on summer in 1998 in the mountains of central PA.  I had chosen a large oak tree as my “bathroom”.  It was a nice large trunked tree with a mossy area in back up it.  I used it for 4 days in a row.  This was during one of my “diabetes vacations” were I had not been self-monitoring as I should have been nor was I on the pump at the time.  I went out fishing with the group I was with and upon our return to the camp site; we spotted 20 or more Monarch butterflies.  They were all in frenzy right on my pee spot! I am guessing they were attracted to the area because of the glucose I was spilling in my urine.  So from then on, I got the name SWEET PEE.  It was even the name of a sailboat I briefly owned.

Kendra Durdock

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