My name is Steven and I became insulin dependent at the age of 7.  I am now 11 years old and in the sixth grade.  I skipped a grade in school and I am still in advanced classes.  I love cars. I collect model cars and research many different types of cars. I could probably name every make, model, and year of almost every car on the road.  I am also fascinated with technology.  I have my own laptop and sometimes I make concept computers and phones on programs.  I am also into music.  I listen to many types of music including dubstep. My favorite music producer is Skrillex.  I am friendly, outgoing, kind, funny and caring.

I have many dream jobs including being a DJ, a car designer, and a technology designer.  There are many things I wish to achieve in my life and I don’t let my diabetes define me.  I am not a diabetic…I am a boy living with diabetes.

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  1. Joanne says:

    My amazing son…My hero!

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