What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about your diabetes, and how did you respond?
Q : “So…you are affected by t1dm…and when will it disappear?”

A : ” not at The moment…but I hope very soon…”

How do you inspire others?
By joining and supporting The Cure Alliance created by Dr Camillo Ricordi

Tell us a story about how diabetes has affected you.
Five years ago I met the monster. Five years ago I was told “as a doctor, you will know how to ‘manage’ your illness better than others, but … you’ll know exactly what you are in for.” Five years ago,  I have evaporated. There is not a day that a person with a chronic disease lives as “one more day.” Five years…since then I look at life in a different way: more positive . I strongly believe in alliance, in sharing, in unselfishness , only together We can change the future #thecurealliance

How has diabetes contributed to forming you into the person you are today? Mentally, physically, or emotionally?
It makes me thinking I am a lucky woman because there are more debilitating autoimmune diseases besides t1dm.

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 regular sized ducks?

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