Shawn (Katherine Jean)

Shawn (Katherine)

My name is Shawn. I am the Gigi Moma (grandmother guardian) of Katherine Jean. She was diagnosed at the age of 10 weeks (yes- 2.5 months old). At first she was using insulin that had to be diluted because of the tiny amounts she received (1/4 of a unit). When she was 9 months old she was started on an insulin pump because 7-9 shots each day was just too much. She has a CGM as well.

How do you inspire others?
When you look at this precious little girl, your heart goes out to her. She is a fighter and doesn’t even know it!

Tell us a story about how diabetes has affected you.
My oldest son, Andrew, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was only 11 months old. When his first child was born (Katherine Jean), he was 21 and had been taking insulin shots for over 20 years. When she was only 2 months old, she was extremely sick. She had spinal meningitis and her blood sugars were in the 600s. It took a few months for genetic testing to reveal Katherine, as well as Andrew, have a very rare form of diabetes that is genetic. It is called neonatal diabetes. The treatment is the same – insulin. Now, Andrew’s 2nd child, Christopher, has also been diagnosed with diabetes. He was only 11 months old.

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