Hi, my name is Sarah. I have been living with the disease of type 1 diabetes since the age of three. Over the years I have been able to overcome the fear of getting shots daily and having to poke my finger at least 8 times a day. I always get the question “does that hurt?” The answer to that is yes it hurts but I’m becoming stronger everyday and getting use to the pain that I have to live with. My family as well as I are very proud of who I am today. My doctor always tells me that I am capable of managing my diabetes and I do very well. To this day I feel like a normal teenager and honestly sometimes I even forget I have a disease. I have been playing soccer since the age of 4, swam, and now am playing lacrosse. My active life can change my blood sugar frequently but I have learned to deal with it. I hope in the future that diabetes has a cure because my dad promised me since I was little that I could have the biggest party ever and invite whoever I wanted! I hope all the kids/adults with type 1 diabetes learn to overcome their fear like I did and feel like a normal person again!!

What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about your diabetes, and how did you respond?
I was once asked, “did you get diabetes because you were fat?” This is the most aggravating question because most kids only assume that when they hear diabetes its type 2. They have not learned about type 1. I try to explain to people the difference and that I was diagnosed when I was very young and I had no choice. When I was in elementary school I was bullied once for having diabetes, but I don’t bring it down on me or them. They don’t understand, thats all.

How do you inspire others?
Like I said I play a lot of sports and I don’t let diabetes take away from any of that. I stay positive by trying to uplift myself when sometimes all I want to do is hate myself for having diabetes even though I know I shouldn’t.

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