I didn’t know I had diabetes. I was always sleeping, feeling weak, going to the bathroom all the time, was losing weight and missing work alot. I went to the doctors and ended up getting rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with type one diabetes. I was then placed in icu for 3 days. Currently my sugar is either high or low but mostly high. I do drink and smoke cigarettes and my wife is great at helping support me through this but I could really use a mentor.

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  1. Hey, Rahem! Good for you on getting out here and asking for help. Diabetes is tough, but there are tons of us out here getting through it and figuring it out (always one day at a time). Not sure if you’re a reader, but one of the best books around is “Think Like a Pancreas” by Gary Scheiner. Get connected with any of us online and we’ll help pull you through it. We’re here for you man!

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