I was 11 when I was diagnosed. The doctors told my parents I had the flu. It took three days to get diagnosis. My bs was 1100. The doctors said if my parents had gotten me there earlier I wouldn’t have got diabetes. We now know that’s not true. Not much was known about type 1 in 1985, the kids at school thought I was contagious. I was the only kid K through 8th grade with diabetes. It was intimidating and overwhelming at the age of 11. My friends were great. They wanted to learn everything they could about it so they could help me. My teenage years were a little rocky. I just wanted to be like everyone else. I didn’t want to poke my finger and take shots. I wanted to be normal. As a young adult I met what I consider an angel. She told me about a doctor in Indiana. This doctor changed my life. She is a diabetologist. In 1998 she helped get on the pump. My daughter was born in 2000. Without Dr. Jane bridges I would not have my Savana Jayne. I am now the store manager of my local convenience store. In 1985 I thought my mom would have to take care of me forever, and thought I had no future. With help of research, support groups, friends, family, and my wonderful husband of 3 three years, I now take care of my self and others. Thirty-one years with type 1 and doing better than anyone ever thought possible! Btw the only complication is gastroparesis. Three pills a day to digest my food I’ll take it!

What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about your diabetes, and how did you respond?
How do you get intimate with that thing on you all the time? (Talking about my pump)

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