As I begin to reminisce about the past and my diagnosis, I begin to see the extreme impact that is has had on my life. I’ve spent many days where I’ve woken up in the middle of the night due to a low or even a high. I cannot begin to tell the struggle of living with a chronic illness and especially the likelihood of developing mental health disorders. The arena of mental health has effected me as well, no break in the systems for  chronic illness. I have spent a lifetime trying to make myself normal, but I never really remember  what normal looks like.  Despite the challenges with diabetes, I press on. I cannot dwell in a land of pity. I cannot change diabetes in my life. I can change the things that I put in to make myself healthy as a daily routine. I cannot change the anger I feel towards diabetes, but I can change the way I react towards it. Most of all, I cannot change the fact that I have diabetes, but I can use it daily to inspire others. I plan on using my nursing career and to relate with my patients. This allows them to be more comfortable. Finally I won’t be able to ever fully control my diabetes, but at the end of the day-diabetes makes me who I am.

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