Heey peeps,

My name is Paulien and i’m a diabetic girl from a little country called Belgium ☺️ I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 11 years old.

Although I have the most amazing doctors, family and friends I still have a lot of questions about this huge part of my life? ‘Why so soon? Why isn’t my body working like it should be? And most of all… Why me?!’ It is hard to except the fact that you’re never gonna be a ‘normal’ girl or to be like everyone else! But come on… Normal is boring right?! 😄

I have learned so much this past couple of years and there’s so much more to learn! Yeah it’s hard to do what you’re expected to do when you’re a diabetic but if you embrace the fact that this is a part of yourself now it would all go a lot easier, trust me!

Embrace your new self and embrace this life that’s been given to you! There’s nothing more important than still living your life like it could be your last one! ❤️

Much love,
Belgian girl

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