When I was first diagnosed, I was in shock. I was sick for 3 days and finally my boyfriend at the time told me to go to the ER. I thought it was the flu or something and was sooo thirsty. Peeing ALOT, all while eating and drinking all kinds of things out the vending machine (all sweets and carbs.) I was there for about 8hours before a nurse came and asked if I was diabetic. I told her no, I didn’t even know what that was. She said they would be right back and checked again and when they returned they gave me the news that changed my life forever, “you have diabetes.” They say my blood sugar was over 1000 and they couldn’t believe that I was alert. Long story short I have been living with this for a while and it’s still a struggle sometimes. Now I have diabetic gastroparesis and that’s a whole other challenge but I am working it
out trying  to stay postive. I have NO one around me who has this or understands my disease, most think I am making excuses but I hope they never have to deal with this or any other disease. Until then they will never understand.

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