At the age of 2, my sister and I, she was 9 at the time, we were sick with the viral bug. After a while she got better, but I didn’t. I ended up with viral pneumonia. I was taken to the local hospital and given IV’s and had tests done. They tried giving fluids, but after a few tests and checking my sugar, the doctor came running in where I was and said, “Stop those fluids!” My sugar was 1,090. I was rushed to St. Louis Children’s hospital. They wanted to life flight me that night and couldn’t since it was raining really hard. When taking me in the ambulance, they didn’t let anyone else in the ambulance with me, even though I was only 2 years old. My parents lost them after following them to St. Louis since they drove so fast and asked for directions. After asking, they realized they went in circles around the hospital 3-4 times. When I was diagnosed, I was diagnosed as a brittle type 1 diabetic on the date of April 21st, 2002, the same day as one of my cousin’s birthday and my grandpa’s birthday. They kept me in St. Louis, Missouri for 5-6 days. In that time, my dad only stayed 1 day because he had work still while my mom stayed everyday, taking me to each class she learned so she knew how to take care of me. The third day, I was supposed to be released until I broke out in a rash from the antibiotic they gave me. So, they kept me two more days. Now in 2016, my blood sugars are doing better, but I’m getting the chance of using a dexcom, a 24 hour blood glucose monitor. It’s a bit of a struggle, but God gave me this battle to fight for a reason. If it wasn’t for my family, friends, doctors, nurses, EMTs, and God, I wouldn’t be alive but today.

How do you inspire others?
By showing everyone that a type 1 diabetic can do anything that they set their mind to. Also, continuing to praise God through the storms.

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