Matthew Blum

My name is Matthew Blum and I’ve been diabetic since November 4, 2004.  When I was diagnosed I was a tennis player, but since then I have switched gears towards a life in the performing arts.  I am a junior dance major at the University of New Hampshire.  Since attending college I have been a tour guide for prospective students, a chairperson for Relay for Life, an orientation leader for incoming freshman, as well as featured in many of the schools main stage musicals and dance performances.  I spent 5 weeks last summer attending a dance intensive in Los Angeles with the Joffrey Ballet School.  Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I always get questions about my diabetes and how it affects my dance and my life.  The simplest explanation I’ve come up with is that diabetes is just like not having diabetes except my brain, pump, and cgm, do what a non diabetics pancreas does.  Makes sense…right?

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