Mantras and More.

What gets me through a hard day when diabetes isn’t cooperating? I usually talk it out. I have a lot of friends around the state that also live with diabetes and every now and then I’ll talk to one to see why my blood sugar isn’t cooperating or to vent frustration about my blood sugars. They sometimes come to me and do the same thing and I really enjoy it! If you’re ticked off or aggravated about something I think the best way to get rid of that angst is to talk it out. Much like a fight with a friend. 


I asked a few friends of mine how they deal with a day where diabetes is being a jerk.


Some of the answers were the same as what I said above but here is a few responses I was given.


“Some days I just don’t want to deal with it. I give insulin and forget about it.”


“I never have to deal with bad lows except occasionally in the night. Thats when I eat half the fridge.”


“If its low, i eat and than makes me happy”


“A lot of Netflix, and being pissed off if I don’t start feeling better.”

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