One year ago I was diagnosed with T1D, this was probably the most tough months of my life, I lost 30 pounds in a month, and was getting ready to start freshman year of high school. Even though it’s been a year it’s still sometimes hard. Going to a restaurant it’s just a struggle, or watching your friends eat everything they want, at the time they want and all the sugars they want. I’m honestly jealous of it. But on the other side, I’m thankful for having a great support group and being alive. I’m still adapting to it and it’s a lot of work. Getting stared at and apologetic looks from people as I check my sugars and give myself shots. People are always asking me ” can you even eat that?” Yes I can. I can eat anything I just have to take it into consideration and then saying ” I couldn’t do that if I where you.” It’s not a choice. It’s life or death. My life depends on a little pen that’s filled with insulin. Diabetes is a life threatening disease. You can die or lose limbs. It’s not from being unhealthy or eating sugar it’s something we couldn’t control. Our pancreas just stopped working. We didn’t ask for it. We didn’t bring it on ourselves, and it’s defensive when people are out there saying ” you’re gonna get diabetes if you eat that” …no you won’t. Everyday for the rest of my life and many others we have to wake up give ourself the minimum of 4 shots, prick our fingers, and wake up in the middle of the night. It’s a difficult task but it’s not who I am or anyone else. I’ll fight through it and live my life to the fullest. Diabetes isn’t gonna stop me. It might slow me down but I’m not gonna quit. So, thank you to everyone whose been by my side and helped me through it.

Has anyone told you that you couldn’t do something due to your diabetes, and you proved them wrong?
Yes. I’m on the Swim team and everyone told me I couldn’t do it I would go low. I told them I can and I’ll prove them wrong.

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