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This is our son Logan. He is 9yo and was diagnosed with T1D on June 16, 2014. His father (me) is a pediatric nurse and his mother is a elementary school teacher. So, we knew exactly what T1D was. We actually suspected T1D before we ever took him to see his pediatrician.  We were very sad at first, as all new parents of T1D are, but we are learning to deal with it on a personal level. It makes me cry again just typing this…

Logan has really been responsible with his diagnoses. He was checking his own BS on the first day of diagnoses and giving his own insulin injections on the second day. He refuses to let his mother or I check his BS or give him insulin anymore. We are very proud that he accepted it and living with it the best he can.

Logan has been a very active since he first discovered a ball. He plays football, basketball, and soccer. He refuses to allow his diagnosis to define who he is or to slow him down. I’m also one of his football/basketball coaches and I keep a watchful eye on him while playing sports but we really have not had too many issues…KNOCK ON WOOD! We are always prepared with juice, snacks, and a glucagon injection. ALWAYS BE PREPARED!

Logan wants to be treated just like any other player. He refuses to be “that kid with diabetes” that has to have different standards. When the team runs laps around the field for discipline…he runs too and usually comes in as one of the top three.

I tell Logan that mother nature gave him T1D just to give the other kids on the football field a chance of actually winning against him. That always brings a smile to his face.

He has an insulin pump now (Omnipod) and it has really given him a lot more freedom and makes our lives much easier. We hope to get a CGM sometime in the new future. His mom has really been looking into a Diabetic Alert Dog as well, since our biggest fear are lows while he is sleeping.

Logan has an older sister and brother that are very supportive and help with anything that we need. We have a very supportive extended family too.

We also have a great community that rally behind us and offer assistance with anything we may need. That is a great feeling! We are slowly getting family and friends trained, so he can go on more outings with them such as sleep overs, day trips, etc.

Being a nurse, I try to do as much community education about T1D as I can. Knowledge is power! I want people to understand it…not fear it because you don’t know anything about it. i.e. the good kind of diabetes and the bad kind. That still makes me laugh every time I hear it!

My advice to anyone that has a child that is newly diagnosed is to treat them as if they do not have T1D. Don’t trap them in a protective bubble. Our responsibly as a parent is to prepare them for life because we are not going to be with them forever. Also, let them live! Let them have a McDonald’s Happy Meal or whatever they love sometimes. It makes the world of difference to them.

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  1. Heather Compton says:

    You’re doing great Logan! Stay positive!

  2. Kryssie says:

    hey Logan!! Just wanted to let you know that we are all rooting for you!! You have got to be one of the strongest (and nicest) guy we know!! We’re always thinking of you, sending you bunches of hugs and high-fives! 😉

  3. Allen Conway says:

    Logan has been an inspiration to so many people. Not only his peers but adults as well. He took this challenge head on and has never looked back! I have never once heard him complain or ask why me! If you didn’t know he was T1D you would never know. I am so very proud of him! Love you Logan!!

  4. Navarro Family says:

    Logan, you are truely an inspiration to your teammates and your community. Glad you are part of the Troutman family!

  5. David Reyna says:

    My nephew is an inspiration. Never retreat, never surrender, and never EVAR back down! Get some!!!

  6. Angie Mattingly says:

    Logan is a beast on the field!! And he is tackling T1D in the same way!! Troutman is behind you Logan!

  7. April smith says:

    Type one diabadass! Logan gives me strength and inspires me to share his story so that people know what T1D is. The time since his dx has been filled with questions, research, trial and error and a never ending balancing act. He might never know the sweat and tears his parents shed for him, but he packs a punch and won’t go down easy. I am proud to be his mom.

  8. Lesa cash says:

    Logan, you are such an awesome kid! I am so proud of you for learning to care for yourself! I enjoy having you at my house! You have no idea how much positive energy you bring:)

    To friends and family of Logan … Don’t be scared of this disease! I encourage you to learn more about it. The more you know, the more prepared you are. I also encourage you to treat Logan like you would if he didn’t have diabetes! He can eat and drink things just like anybody else! The only difference is he has to give insulin.

  9. Michelle says:

    As a friend of this family I hated hearing the news of this young, bright, athletic boy getting diagnosed with T1D. He has and is persevering through it! I’ve never heard him complain or say “I can’t” with anything! He is lucky to have such awesome parents that do what needs to be done for their son! This diagnosis hasn’t stopped Logan from being a kid and living his life as it was intended. He’s a beast on the football field and a fun player to watch! I wish him and his supportive family all the best!

  10. Michael Smith says:


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