Kyle Wallace

Kyle Wallace

Hello, my name is Kyle. Six  years ago I was Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. There are many responsibilities that come with diabetes. It’s not just taking a shot and leaving it alone. It’s like you have a child with you. You have to check labels on everything you eat, eat healthy food, drink diet drinks. I mean you can eat anything you like , but there are limits to some things. Sometimes Diabetes can be REALLY frustrating but it’s your life you are putting on the line. There are consequences if you do something wrong like not taking a shot when you’re suppose to. If you don’t do like you are suppose to you can get high blood sugar and possibly go into Keto-Acidosis. Since I’ve had diabetes, my life has been up and down along with my blood sugar, but I guarantee it’s possible to get through.

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  1. Ann Mullins says:

    Kyle, you are such an awesome, mature young man!

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