I started out at the age of 4 giving my dad his insulin injections and he would give me mine- Yes, my dad is a type 1 of 63yrs now. One day, at age 5,  my parents drew up my insulin as usual and left it on their nightstand in the bedroom until they were ready to give it to me.  I snuck up into their bedroom and stared at the needle ” I can do this” I though to myself-  I reached over grabbed the needle and plunged it into my skin.  So elated with what I had just done- I left the needle in my leg until I could call both parents up to see it. This was the beginning of my freedom- freedom to attend sleepovers and go to more overnight activities since I was now independent at giving my insulin injections.

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  1. Brenna says:

    Your story really touches me.. I remember pricking my own finger for the very first time, and giving my own shots even when I didn’t feel like it because I knew I could do it on my own. It’s a great feeling to handle the stress of diabtetes successfully every day. We are some of the strongest people out there.

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