What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about your diabetes, and how did you respond?
I was asked if I was doing drugs… I answered “technically yes, but it’s not the kind you think..”

Has anyone told you that you couldn’t do something due to your diabetes, and you proved them wrong?
My grandmother tells me I shouldn’t do certain things like go out alone or come home late. I think she’s making excuses for her own worries.

How do you inspire others?
I crochet amigurumi dolls in support of diabetes awareness. People have purchased my dolls in support of understanding how diabetes affects people and those around them.

Tell us a story about how diabetes has affected you.
Diabetes has made me stronger. I push myself everyday to do things I didn’t believe I could do. I work harder and I believe in myself and my abilities.

How has diabetes contributed to forming you into the person you are today? Mentally, physically, or emotionally?
I spent a lot of my younger years with diabetes saying “I can’t”. Whether it was because I wasn’t feeling well or because I had a strong sense of self pity. I felt so down about having to monitor and regulate my blood sugars and the foods I eat that I just didn’t do it at all. I had poorly controlled diabetes for over 10 years. It’s still a work in progress but it’s a journey worth taking for myself.

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 regular sized ducks?
100 regular ducks. I’m up for the challenge

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