Hello everyone my name is Joshua. The day I was diagnosed I was rushed to the emergency room and I will never ever forget the feeling I had inside. How scared I suddenly got not knowing what was wrong with me. I remember the Dr coming in asking my parents if they were aware I was diabetic…That day changed our lives. I say ours because we have all been affected by this disease. I wake every morning and hope the day will go smooth. I try to stay as positive as possible but some days are just bad. I’m happy to say my support system is awesome! My mom and my step dad have been there every step of the way and for that I am extremely grateful. I do believe in myself and and pushing everyday to be the best I can be. I am currently in my Junior year of high school on my 3 rd year of football and feel great about doing what people might not think I could do! My future goals are applying to Standford,Ucla,Usc,Oregon and Arizona State! Lets Fight to cure diabetes! My prayers are with my diabetic family.

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