This is my son,  Jimmy.

He was diagnosed in Wildwood while on vacation at the age of 6. That was a year ago and he has taken on this disease full force!  When we decided to do a walk to raise money for diabetes research, it was ironically the Wildwood boardwalk that we walked on! As soon as we started planning for the walk, Jimmy right away came up with his group name of Stronger Than Diabetes!   This little boy is without doubt my hero.  He learned from the beginning the importance of discipline with carbs and meal planning as well as the importance of hydrating and exercising!  Whenever somebody tells him maybe he shouldn’t do something he says, “I can do anything!”  He has actually become his own advocate and corrects people on their misconceptions of his condition.  

Jimmy amazes me everyday with his strength, courage, knowledge & outlook on life.  I have no doubt that diabetes will not hold my little man back from anything he wants to accomplish in life! 


  1. Eileen Kara says:

    Jimmy we are all so proud of you! You are stronger than Diabetes and you are a great role model to kids and adults! Everyone at Virtua knows how much your Mommy and family love you, but we love you too and now you are famous!! We are sooo proud of you!

  2. Katie says:

    Awesome ! We love you jimmy !

  3. Mommy says:

    So proud of you baby boy! Just another journey in life & I will stay by your side 🙂

  4. Jen Carey says:

    Hi Jimmy! I work with your mommy!!! Just wanted to say hi :)))

  5. mary macpherson says:

    Jimmy is my nephew. I couldn’t be more proud. He is such a strong little boy. He is so brave and so strong! !

    Love you Jimmy! !

  6. Karen Bartow says:

    I’m team Jimmy… You are truly stronger than diabetes… Let’s beat it together.. Love you!!!

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