I have had type 1 for 10 years. My older brother Joe was diagnosed when he was 18 and that was four years ago. In the past few weeks, my oldest brother, TC, was diagnosed. Three of my parents’ four children have type one, and I have had the misfortune of watching my brothers go through what I barely remember. Isn’t it ironic that they’re asking their younger brother for advice.

What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about your diabetes, and how did you respond?
Are you allergic to sugar? No

Has anyone told you that you couldn’t do something due to your diabetes, and you proved them wrong?
People say I can’t eat certain foods but I can eat most things in moderation

How do you inspire others?
I showed my brothers that diabetes doesn’t hold us back.

How has diabetes contributed to forming you into the person you are today? Mentally, physically, or emotionally?
It has made me tougher. I reached the rank of black belt in tae kwon do and broke a cement block with my hand. This is the picture attached.

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 regular sized ducks?
100 regular sized ducks

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