Isabella Dooley

Isabella Dooley

See that adorable face? The one with the huge smile? Yep, that one.  That’s our daughter, Isabella, and that’s what the Face of Diabetes looks like in our house. Isabella was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on August 28, 2012 just a few weeks before her second birthday.  Since her diagnosis Isabella has shown us that not only is she unbelievably brave, she’s also pretty amazing.  She transitioned from insulin injections to an OmniPod pump last year and tests her own blood sugar…at age 3. I’d say that’s pretty amazing. Isabella has shown us the true meaning of resilience.  She swims, is in a gymnastics class, and is getting ready to start soccer this spring.  Did I mention she’s also smart, sassy, and does one heck of a headstand? There’s no question about whether or not diabetes is going to stop Isabella. Keep your eyes peeled because this one here…she’s gonna change the world.

Thank you!

Kristina Dooley (Mom of Isabella)

PS-Please check out our awareness & advocacy site withmore about Isabella’s story!

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  1. Thank you for sharing our Isabella’s story and for showing that diabetes has many faces. We are proud to be included!

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