When I was born I had BG related seizures so was in intensive care and stabilized after two weeks. From 18months onwards I began to get sick. Mum was always taking me to the Dr and hospital but kept being told it was a virus. At age 4 she took me to emergency and told them she thought I had type 1 diabetes, they tested and I was put in hospital for two weeks.
I was on MDI for 17 years and have been pumping for 1 (Animas Vibe) I now write a blog about my type 1 diabetes www.mypinkpancreas.wordpress.com and have a new YouTube channel ‘pancreaticallychallenged’ I want to try and encourage people to live well with type 1 diabetes and let them know they are not alone in that journey.
My type 1 diabetes makes daily life quick hard sometimes but with a lot of work and planning it doesn’t stop me doing what I enjoy like hiking 👊🏻

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 regular sized ducks?
Totally 100 regular sized ducks!

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