Hodie DTreat 2014

Hodia DTreat

A few friends over in Idaho found out about this project and have been in full support of it since their discovery. They recently had a DTreat event and allowed me to send them a banner and some stickers to pass out to help spread awareness about this project! Support like this really helps me out and gives me confidence to push this project forward. Thank you Sydnee and Taylor!!! You can also find Sydnee and Taylors diabetes stories here on the website!

Here is some information about their DTreat event.

“Our event is called Hodia DTreat we are an event by young adults for young adults. Age group ages 18-30 with type one diabetes to come for a weekend to meet other type ones, gain knowledge on serious topics that people in this age group go through, and to have fun. This event is great to build relationships and a great support network.”

To find out more about Camp Hodia and the programs they offer please visit http://www.hodia.org/

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