Can I be a part of this project?

Do you have diabetes? If you answered yes then YES YOU CAN TOTALLY BE A PART OF THIS!!!

How do I become a Face of Diabetes for the website?

All you have to do is click the “Submit Your Story” button sidebar and fill it out! Answer the given question and give us a bio of what your life has been like living with diabetes. You can include something humorous thats happened, things you have achieved, something you’ve learned, or how you respond to those annoying questions. (Yeah you know which ones.) Anything that shows us that diabetes doesn’t slow you down and PLEASE remember that we are here to inspire – not scare.

*Please note that submissions to the website do not go in the book.

How long does my story need to be?

There is no limit to how long or short a story needs to be.

Will any picture work?

Try to make the photo be of just you and please do not include anything graphic or that can be deemed as offensive. It can be goofy, serious, or candid! Square photos also work really well.

When will I be posted on the site?

That really depends on how many people submit their photos/stories. Stories are posted on a first come first serve basis and are kept in order of submission. At least one new story will be up Monday-Friday!

How do I become a Face of Diabetes for the book?

We are no longer taking submissions for the first Faces of Diabetes book. We are currently in the process of putting the book together and hope to release it later this year in spring of 2017.

When will the book be done and how much will it cost?

We are aiming for a release date for Spring 2017. The book will cost $30 with a $5 shipping charge. We are in the process of getting the books made and will have a better idea when exactly they’ll be coming in soon.