I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes in 2012. I couldn’t take that I am diabetic and I just had a hard time trying to start anew with my daily routines of not eating a lot and sodas and junk. When my Doctor told me that if I couldn’t make my blood glucose go down in 3 months, we would have to resort with the use of insulin I freaked out and I finally decided to take a step up for myself.
I started working out and eating organic and put myself on a tight vegan discipline and no carb diet for a straight 4 months! In just a months time my blood glucose went down from 13.7 to 6.2!
Unbelievable right!? But I did it! I know that anybody can do it too. It’s just determination and self discipline and a whole lot of PRAYERS!

GOD is good! 😉

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