January 2nd changed our lives forever. No one saw this coming, no one was ready to be told, “your 2yr old little boy is in diabetic shock and he’s so lucky you brought him in when you did”

My mommy is completely inspired by my ability to handle my disease. On a daily basis I get up to 4 shots and poked, at most, 6 times. Even though I’m little and this disease is so new to my entire family and I, we all do our part. My parents are not together but they’ve tried their best to make sure I am taken care of in every way possible, including trying their hardest to keep my numbers steady. I like to help poke my finger and I don’t cry anymore when I get my shots. I know I’m brave even though I don’t fully understand my disease quite yet. I love my family & I’m thankful for every thingthey do to make this daily fight as easy as possible for me. I am a lucky and a very blessed boy! Diabetes won’t keep me from doing anything in this life!

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