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I am clear that my Diabetes does not define me. But I have accepted it’s integral part of me and I am okay with that now!

T1D has not stopped me overall…….I travel, I dance in Caribbean Carnivals around the world, I train in the gym, spend time with family/friends, I have got the job I aspired to in university and I live. Diabetes may not be the easiest thing to deal with, but it’s by no means the worst in my humble opinion.

I completed my doctorate in educational and child psychology in 2014. I did my research with teenagers managing Diabetes. I saw young people who were struggling and I saw young people thriving, their Diabetes was certainly not a barrier. One student described his Diabetes as his alarm clock to help him be healthy. I loved this!

The one thing I have learned is that your personal definition of what Diabetes means to you evolves. I would say talk and share when you can. I feel like people aren’t always clear on the impact having a chronic health condition can have on your wellbeing, motivation and general mental health. Do things you love and acknowledge when you don’t feel as great. That’s okay- I am certainly not happy all the time and I know that it would be unrealistic of me to think that. I just test my sugars (generally if I’m low-opening a bag of sweets can feel like a huge effort lol) and then do what I can. I have learned that asking for help is okay and I do if I need it now.

I think being open to trying things that will help me has also been good for me and my Diabetes.  I recently did a 5 day carb counting course and while it’s not as easy in the real world, and my hba1c may not be perfect…. I still hope to get there some day.

I want good control…..so that one day I can have a healthy pregnancy and have children of my own.

I’ll get there and I hope you do too.

#diabeteswillnotwin #havefaith #diabeticandproud #T1Dwillnotstopmethriving #livingmylifelikeitsgolden

Dr L xx
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