Diabetes Life Hacks

Well…some of these aren’t really hacks…but they’re things I do that make life just a little easier.

1.) Have a small bottle of glucose tabs or gel in your car. Hitting a low while driving stinks and road trips late at night aren’t the best times to have one.

2.) Always have tabs/gel close to your bed. I keep this stuff called GLU next to my bed just in case of emergencies. It tastes terrible but it does the job.

3.) Get a carb counter on your smart phone. I have an iphone and the app I use is called Calorie King. It has a ton of info on carb counts from restaurants.

4.) Don’t trash your tubing after a site change. If you don’t do this then you should start. You’ll never know when you’ll need extra tubing.

5.) Have a diabetes travel/emergency bag full of everything you’d need in case you ran out of supplies. I have one in my closet and its filled with sites, lancets, syringes, test strips, meters, etc. Just…in…case…

6.)If you workout…don’t touch a weight if your blood sugar is over 170. Don’t do it…you WILL regret it!

7.)If you go somewhere to workout…don’t be stubborn…bring a gel pack with you just in case! Lows hit at the worst times.

8.)I’m struggling to think of 10…can you tell?

9.)Don’t keep insulin in your car…ever…it turns yellow and I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be injecting it into your body at that point.

10.)Become a part of a community group for people living with diabetes. You won’t regret it…ever…even if there’s a fire!

I don’t know if those count as hacks…but they are things I recommend you do to make your life a little easier.

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