Diabetes Blog Week

diabetes blog week

So, from now until Sunday we are participating in the fifth annual Diabetes Blog Week. Each day this week there will be a different topic that is given that diabetes bloggers around the globe write about. This way people who read diabetes blogs can jump around to see views on these topics from different people in different areas! When I read about it I thought it was a great idea and had to jump on board. A list of websites can be found by clicking here.

The first topic is to talk about the diabetes causes and issues that really get us fired up.

There are two main things that come to my mind when I think about what I ultimately want to do as an advocate for diabetes. One is to help support others out there living with this disease and hope that through support and friendship we could help manage living with this disease more effectively. Diabetes burnout is never fun and the feeling that you’re alone because you don’t know anyone with diabetes can be a real bummer.

Every year I go to a diabetes camp called Camp Seale Harris. I love the place…still go there every summer and do stuff…but when I was a kid I would ALWAYS hate leaving because I knew I was going back home to be the only diabetic I knew in my area. I ALWAYS wanted a diabetic best friend and to this day I still kinda do. Having friends without diabetes isn’t bad but you have days where you wish you knew someone that knew exactly what you were dealing with. Thats the amazing thing about diabetes camps. YOU ARE ALL THE SAME! No one stares when you give your shot, or check your blood sugar. No one FREAKS out when you have a low or high blood sugar. If you had a site rip out or had to bolus no one stared in awe. You could even get a better idea of carb counts in food! It’s like no one has diabetes because you all have diabetes. If that makes sense.

But when you left…it was back to being a little different.

Of course…this is all before social media which has been a HUGE help in dealing with the feelings of burnout, and loneliness. Facebook helps connect campers and I personally host diabetes hang outs from time to time with people I work with just to bring us together when we aren’t at camp. But I know there are kids and adults out there who haven’t attended a diabetes camp and may still feel that loneliness which could make their control suffer. I hope to find these people and give them a helping hand whether it be personally in my area or online with someone across the country. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re isolated because of diabetes.

The second thing I want to do as an advocate is eliminate the fear of living with diabetes. I had someone very close to me who had diabetes before my diagnosis and I had seen what some of the consequences of living with diabetes could be. So, at age 11 when I found out I had diabetes…I FREAKED OUT!!! I cried and cried…was hysterical. Really it was one of the few times in my life where I can remember being so scared I could barely function. It was horrible. Now here I am 16 years later and I haven’t had a single complication.

My mission now is to eliminate that kind of fear from people who have diabetes or may be diagnosed with diabetes. NO ONE, especially a kid, should feel that type of fear. I want to show kids that theres nothing to be afraid of. That you can punch diabetes in its stupid face and push it down the stairs and triumph over it! There’s NOTHING to be scared of! It’s just another obstacle in life that YOU will successfully conquer.

Thanks to everyone for reading! I hope you all will join me the next 6 days and please check out some of the other blogs to see what gets them amped!

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