A battle I’ve faced for almost 3 years now that I’ve kept to myself & out of sight of literally most people. Not cause I’m ashamed or embarrassed, but because that’s me & it’s my fight. This is my story to raise awareness, like most chronic illnesses it needs to be respected and not feared! Those that know me well know how close & out of sight I’ve kept this the last 2-3 years & how hard it is for me to openly talk about. A battle I’ve nearly lost, a battle that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a battle that will never be easy and effects everything I do from work to things I love. A battle I’m glad I wake up and face everyday. Most people think its just a few insulin shots & poking your finger several times a day, something that will never get easy, something that will never not hurt, something I’ll ever get use to. Yet it’s something I have to keep doing every day without the look of pain. Those things are the EASY part! Because I know its the only option I have to survive. The battle is far away from those simple everyday things but as I look back it hasn’t been easy. That night in ICU I thought I’d never get through. Those 2 weeks in the ward I thought I’d never leave. Constantly feeling drained & even the simplest everyday tasks becoming a fight in themselves. It has caused me some of the worst pain & not much joy to balance it out, but it’s something that I fight, something that has made me a much better person & a struggle that I’m almost thankful for as without it I would’ve never found the strength and courage I really do have, nor appreciate & be grateful for the love in my life. This has opened me up to a a world where even the simplest things, or words are so appreciated. Yeah I’ll be a Type1 all my life & it’s me now, but it’s a fight I’ll win! I’ll literally have my highs & my lows, but I’ll never let it control or limit me. It has taught me to make the most of life, smile & simply  be kind to everyone, they could be fighting a invisible battle that I may never know about that effects their whole life.

How do you inspire others?
By staying strong and showing people that having T1D shouldn’t hold you back from doing or achieving anything you want in life! And nor should it 👊

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