Daniele Hargenrader


I was diagnosed with T1D in 1991, and after my father passed away unexpectedly 3 years later, I fell into a deep depression and ballooned up to 200 pounds while battling a binge eating addiction. Through the power of mindset and dedication, I eventually took myself from obese to athlete.

I’m now a nutritionist, health coach, and certified personal trainer. I live my passion by helping people with diabetes to think, eat, and move in ways that allow them to achieve a quality of health and quality of life they previously thought unattainable. I’m also the author of the upcoming book “Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator” which will be released in November, 2015 in time for Diabetes Awareness Month (which Edward Fieder and many other awesome people with diabetes will also be in, check out our Kickstarter campaign for your chance to be in the book at diabetesbook.com !!). I’m blessed to be an international speaker, present at Fortune 100 companies, top ranked hospitals and universities, and am dedicated to teaching people how to live the life they imagined through optimal health.

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  1. Roger Reid says:

    Metabolism is neede for control.I use exercise to keep it working.Type1 since 1977.I have never been overweight,but still need exercise.

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