Hi, my name is Carolina, I am a Brazilian girl from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state. I am 37 yo and was diagnosed with diabetes when I was only 4 weeks old (1 month born).

I was born this way and that was my reality. I do not know anyone in Brazil that was diagnosed so early .

At the beginning it was tough for my parents because there was no technology, no information, not even diet food, and it was all new for then. People said that I would not survive, would not study, would not get married and even not have sons. Fighting against all predictions, Ive got to school, got married, traveled a lot, got license to drive and when I was 31 I got pregnant.

The pregnancy was not that easy because I have had many cases of hypos, but I was able to take all the related care, and with an excellent medical assistance, my daughter was born perfect. Now she is 6 years old and is not diabetic.  I am not even concerned about her having diabetes.

Until my pregnancy, I used to apply insulin using Insulin pen, then in 2012 I started using insulin pump.

I have a blog, a Facebook page, “Diabetic Carol Freitas” – Carol Freitas Diabética – Sweet tales of a sweet life, with lots of Brazilian followers where I post my entire life overcoming histories giving hope to other diabetic people. The diabetes turned me strong! It gave me the opportunity to show other people that is possible to live well, because the problems we have in our life are needed to mature and are valuable opportunities to conquer the full happiness…

I am extremely happy. Yes, I am diabetic, yes I can have a normal life.

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