This is Blake our Type 1 superhero!! Blake was diagnosed at 5 years old. I remember the day he was diagnosed like the day he was born with every small little detail. It was 12/26/13 (our late Christmas present) Blake has been our families rock. He assures us that we will find a cure for this disease. As a mother I want to make it all better. Blake insists on checking his on blood sugar but shows us the number to make sure he’s “perfect” . At 5 years old he is so willing to count carbs. Each day he gives me math problems so he can learn how to add and subtract. ┬áBlake is a strong little boy who is not letting this disease slow him down. He loves kickboxing and baseball. But most of all he loves being a kid!! He has a need for speed when it comes to riding his quad. It brings tears to my eyes because while on his quad he grins ear to ear and just looks so free. He was diagnosed mid school year. So, he felt the need to educate his teachers. His teachers have told me they have learned so much just from Blake this year it amazes them. He is willing to show them what he knows about diabetes. He shows them where and how to count carbs and tells them with out looking how many carbs are in his snack. It amazes ALL of us. I’ve tried to ask him what a low feels like he tells me “mom it’s just my body, I can just feel it.” Blake is our motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. Also, our motivation to find a cure!! #blakescorner

Thank you!

Bonnie Deneault!

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