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Diabetes apps…DIABETES APPS!!! There are a PLETHORA of diabetes apps available to help us in our every day lives, but as a diabetic myself I find about 90% of these absolutely useless for connecting people or just not well designed. Aren’t you tired of combing through the diabetes hashtag looking through food, and pieces of cake just to try and search for someone you hope to connect with?

The Beyond Type 1 app has gotten it right where every other interactive diabetes app has gotten it wrong. The app integrates diabetics from around the world and makes it where connecting and socializing is as simple as pressing just a few buttons. You can take polls, ask questions, answer questions, follow, and be followed by others, post articles, pictures, and more with this app. This has a permanent home in my Iphone and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

As someone whose main struggle with diabetes is the mental stress and anxiety an app that helps connect people is a Godsend. I feel this app will not only help with people living with diabetes but also parents of those who have a child with diabetes.

Anything that makes living with diabetes easier is a gift and this one has a pretty big bow on it.


There are 3 ways that you can join / check out the Community:

‌• by downloading the Beyond Type 1 app from the iOS App Store
• by downloading the Beyond Type 1 app from the Google Play store
• by checking it out online, at



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