24 years old, addicted to diesel, work at PDP! Built a pull truck, currently transforming same truck into a drag queen. Single, small family. Not much time outside of work and the shop.

What people might not know, and possibly take for granted…..I’m Diabetic/Type 1.

While I’m fortunate enough to have the capability and knowledge to work on these amazing trucks and build my own from the ground up. I do have things that hold me back from achieving my goals with my truck and this industry. Most people don’t realize that lil thing that hangs on my side is worth as much as a built dmax motor! It don’t stop there, the Dr appointments, pump supplies, Meter supplies etc.

This post was not to make people feel sorry for me at all! Because I love being diabetic! I hate diabetes but I love being a diabetic it’s who I am, it’s the road I was gave by the big man!

This post is is to explain my ultimate goal with my truck and possibly spread what I’m GOING to do!

I want my truck to be drove/hauled all over the states to different competitions and shows, I want it to lay down big numbers on the dyno, good times at the track. I want this truck to possibly be in the Diesel Power Challenge, and some day the Ucc. Sure lots of people have this goal, but not everyone want this to happen for the same reason. I’d like to spread Diabetes Awareness and ultimately raise money for JDRF. I know how hard it is to be diagnosed! I know how hard it is financially to get set up just to survive!

So that’s my story, and my goal in life!

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