Austin Michel

Austin Michel

I received this email from his mother.

“This is my pride and joy Austin, We live in Northern CA and he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Dec 4, 2012

at 6 yrs old (8 now).  This boy has become my hero!  When the doctors first told us he was diabetic

and explaining things that had to be done I almost had a heart attack….

Austin though, he just looked at me and said “its ok mommy”.

From then on him and I have become a perfect team!  Hes on the one touch ping pump (we love it)

Austin plays, basketball, baseball, football, and soccer.

Nothing can keep him down.  His favorite picture is of himself jumping on a trampoline with the caption

“The ONLY thing in this world I can’t do is make Insulin”

<3  This boy is my hero  <3″


  1. nicole says:

    when I first saw this picture I honestly said out loud, “oh wow…poor baby..” ….MISTAKE! What an amazing attitude you both have. His outlook and your support will get him through every challenge he faces w/this disease.

    what an amazing kid.

    • kristi says:

      he is so excited about this page! when he say his pic on here, he called everyone he could think of to tell them he was famous 🙂 And Thank you Nicole, he is an amazing kid and I am very blessed to have him

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