My name is Ashlynn and I was diagnosed with type one diabetes 14 years ago. I was only four years old when I was diagnosed and its never been easy! Diabetes has always been challenging to me since day 1! Everything got harder for me when I hit my teenage years. I stopped taking care of myself,  was rebellious to my mother, and for years have been in and out of the hospital. Going many years without taking care of myself  I learned a lot. This is a serious illness! Over that last year I’ve been so good at doing what I’m supposed to. Overall, I want to say that we can all fight this no matter how hard it gets! Keep wishing and hoping for a cure, it will come. We are all strong , keep your heads up!  🙂

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  1. GC/Bái yōulíng says:

    Full of admiration for you

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