Amy Harris

Amy Harris

Dear Diabetes;

So its been 28 years since we first met on that chilly November morning. Oh, how you changed my life that day, and my families lives….over the years you have taken from me and  given to me. You’ve made me angry & sad & confused. You’ve caused me heartache & pain. You’ve woken me in the middle of the night shaky, sweaty, and disoriented. You’ve caused me to sit with my phone by my side waiting for a call from the doctor to hear if the test results are ok. My body has done unexplainable things because of you. You forced me to grow up and be responsible way before I should have had to.  And yes, I rebelled, I fought you, I denied you existed. And each time I did, you reminded me harder than the last time that you are here & you’re not leaving. So, I have learned to accept you and have tried to be one with you. And I am learning to be thankful for all that you have given me…Strength, courage & an understanding that I could not have realized existed without you. Faith & belief in my family and their unconditional & uncompromising love and support. Friends that wake up every day & go through the same thing I do with amazing grace and strength. People that have made me believe in me and feel like I’m not so different. You have shown me the people in my life that are true friends, the ones that will hold my hand, rub my back and wipe away tears when I feel like I’m falling apart during a low blood sugar. And the one’s that will forgive me during a “high” out-burst. These are the people who stick by my side through it all.

So I guess during the last 28 years you have taken so much more than you have given, but the things you have given me are worth so much more than you could ever take.

We are learning to living in peace & harmony, you and me diabetes.

Here’s to compromise and the next 28 years.

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  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful post.


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