I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the tender age of 7.  Back then, a glucose test seemed to require a tablespoon of blood.  There was no such thing as the internet to reach out to others for support as we have today.

What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about your diabetes, and how did you respond?
The weirdest question I’ve ever been asked was, “Are you a bad diabetic?”

My response:  “No sir, I happen to be a very good diabetic!”

Has anyone told you that you couldn’t do something due to your diabetes, and you proved them wrong?
Yes.  Everything from graduating college to starting a family. I proved them wrong.

How do you inspire others?
I inspire others by sharing my experience, strength, and hope with this disease.  I’m in the process of becoming a nurse to be a diabetes educator to inspire others that you can live a rich, full life.

Tell us a story about how diabetes has affected you.
Diabetes has humbled me. It’s made me realize that life can throw curve balls. I live life one day at a time and give my all into the moment I’ve been given. I take nothing for granted.

How has diabetes contributed to forming you into the person you are today? Mentally, physically, or emotionally?
I feel that diabetes has made me strong, brace, and resilient. Nothing short of strength.

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