This is our Face of Diabetes,  our  (almost) 4 year old little girl Addison.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 on February 28, 2013 at age 2.5.  People often ask how she handles everything and I respond, “this is all she knows so she does great!”  We wanted her to have as “normal” of a childhood as possible so we started her on the Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and OmniPod Insulin Pump as soon as we could.  She went from having insulin injections multiple times a day once every three days which changed our lives in a way that can’t even be described.  Diabetes doesn’t stop her from being a cute little 4 year old gymnast, ballerina, big sister, amazing daughter and the typical sweet and sassy toddler.    She is our perfect little Angel with an imperfect little pancreas.  Diabetes won’t stop her from doing anything what she wants in life.  She is our Face of Diabetes.

Sarah Paul –Addison’s Mom

We created a Facebook page to help bring awareness about T1D and the challenges and sweet moments that Addison faces daily.   Please take a moment to learn more about her story and help bring more awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.

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