What is The Faces of Diabetes?

We are a nonprofit dedicated to changing the way people view diabetes.

bookphoto_smallThe Faces of Diabetes originated as an idea – a photo book filled with portraits and quotes from other people living with diabetes, that would help newly diagnosed diabetics and those dealing with diabetes burnout realize that diabetes is NOT a death sentence. This is still a work in progress with the first edition coming out in 2017.

This website was made to accompany the book. Those outside of our reach for the first edition of the book can submit their own photos and stories focusing on their lives, how life has been living with diabetes. Their stories will inspire and educate the world, showing what life as a diabetic is truly like.

The YouTube channel was created to show the lighter side of diabetes. We focus on funny videos, education in an easy to understand way. We produce comedic and satirical sketches that make fun of common and uncommon diabetes situations. Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.30.19 PM

Other social media platforms are being utilized to show behind the scenes, extra stories, sketches, and outreach about the project to help as many people as possible.

We at The Faces of Diabetes believe there is comfort in numbers and by presenting people, stories, and comedy we can help break the negative stigma attached to diabetes and inspire others to live better lives.



Who are we?

Edward Fieder


Edward is the founder and photographer of The Faces of Diabetes. The idea originated from his senior thesis at Troy University – a series of professional photos showing dark humor revolving around Diabetes. His senior thesis revolved around this mixture of heavy subject matter and humor surrounding this disease, in an attempt to inspire and bring to light diabetes. His life revolves around this project, and he is truly dedicated to helping every single person diagnosed with Diabetes see that they’re just like anyone else, and nothing can stop them.


The core of The Faces of Diabetes is You – our audience, our users. Your stories and photos help others deal with Diabetes every day, by seeing that there are others, and they are not alone. We need you, and your stories – so please submit a story or contact us to see how you can be involved in the book today!

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