Question 1: What is the weirdest question you’ve been asked about your diabetes, and how did you respond?

Around when I was first diagnosed a lot of the kids in my elementary school asked me if it was contagious. I was young and didn’t really know that much about diabetes but my answer to that was a simple “NO.” I then asked them if it was contagious wouldn’t you be in the hospital by now?

Question #2: Has anyone told you that you couldn’t do something due to your diabetes, and you proved them wrong?

In high school I wanted to join the navy by was later told by a recruiter that I can’t because of diabetes. I couldn’t do anything to prove him wrong since I asked many recruiters the same question and they gave me the same answer. So, I just found something else! I got into body building to the point where I won several competitions.

Question #3:How do you inspire others? (This can be anything from staying positive, helping your family, or pursuing a dream or hobby!)

If something goes down in your life never give up! Work harder or purse a dream that you will enjoy accomplishing. Like me doing the sport of bodybuilding.

Question #5:How has diabetes contributed to forming you into the person you are today? Mentally, physically, or emotionally?

Having diabetes made me realize how important it is to eat healthy and live a very active lifestyle. Both have contributed to me being in the shape I am in now.

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